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Why Do We Choose To Buy Wool Felt Computer Bag
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Wool felt is the "felt" after the wool thing. According to the principle of different, felt felting process is divided into two kinds of needle felt and wet felt (P6-P7). Looks soft fleece, the surface covered with many of our naked eye can not see the scales, when these scales will be open to hot water, erected. If it is squeezed, rubbed and rubbed by external forces, the scales will tangle with each other and shrink tightly together to become a felted state. This is the basic principle of "wet felts." In addition to wet felt, it is also possible to use a special wool pin to continuously poke the wool, which will also cause the scales on the wool to tangle with each other to achieve the felting effect. We call this method "pin felt."

Wool felt waterproof, warm, loose cushioning and other characteristics. Used to create a variety of bags is not only stylish but also practical. Felt is the biggest characteristic of recyclability, itself is very environmentally friendly. Wool fiber has a unique reduction and flexibility, making regular maintenance of wool products, more durable than other natural fibers and rayon products. Please follow the care instructions on the product tag to take care of the felt fabric so that the shape and feel will last long. Regular use of high-quality soft brush to brush the surface dust, wool wool fabric in order to maintain the fresh color and appearance. From time to time to make the wool fabric to rest, to facilitate the wool fibers have time to breathe, restore the natural characteristics. Wool fibers have natural stain resistance, but if you accidentally contaminate the dirt, use semi-dry towels to avoid leaving traces. Do not use warm, hot water or bleach to wash the wool stains. For rubbing, be sure to gently, so as not to damage the fiber quality.