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Making a Felt Book Cover
- Aug 16, 2017 -

1. Use a colorful piece of felt to make a book cover. Felt is a strong and durable fabric to use for a book cover. It’s a good cover style for kids’ books or for notebooks that are toted around a lot in a bag.

  • If you can, use wool felt in preference to synthetic felt mixes, as it’s a lot easier to work with. However, wool felt tends to be more expensive too.

2. Use a piece of felt large enough for the book. An average dimension (paperback, notebook) is typically 8.5” x 12”/21.5cm x 30.5cm. Although you may need your felt to be larger depending on the size or your books.

  • The sides of the felt need to be adequately large so as to fold over the edges of the book to create flaps.

3. Lay the book on its spine. Fold the covers down. This will help you get an idea of how much felt you need.

  • The book should be centered on the felt, and should be opened and sitting flat.

4. Trace the top and bottom of the book with a fabric pencil. This tracing will tell where to fold the felt for the top and bottom. Don’t trace the vertical edges as these parts will get folded in to create flaps.

  • The extra width that extends past the vertical edges of the covers will turn into the flaps. If using the measurement for the felt provided above, this extra part should measure approximately 2 inches/5cm more each side.

  • Also add a 1/4 inch/6mm edge above and below the marked horizontal lines. This will give you extra felt to cut or fold.

5. Cut the felt piece out. Lay it down flat on the work surface.

  • You will now have a piece of felt that is slightly larger than your book.

6. Place the book on the felt. Lay it on its spine and bring the covers down to lay on top of the felt.

  • Center the book onto your fabric so that each edge has an even spacing between book and felt.

7. Fold the left vertical side of felt in. Take the portion of fabric that extends past your front your book cover and fold it over the cover. Pin The felt in place.

  • You should have excess felt on the top and bottom of your book so that you pin only the felt and not the actual book.

  • Repeat for the right side, pinning the felt in place. This creates the book flaps or slip pockets for your covers.

  • Carefully remove the book from the felt. Slipping the felt off the book carefully without disturbing the pins.

8. Stitch across the top and bottom of the felt fabric. Capture each side and fold in the stitching, as this is what keeps the slip pockets, or flaps, intact.

  • You can either hand stitch or machine stitch, depending on the final look you're after.

9. Trim off any excess felt above and below the stitching lines. Leave a small amount of felt above the stitching line, it's important not to trim too closely.

  • Don’t cut too close to the stitching as you risk cutting the thread and unraveling your stitching.

10.Slip the book into the flaps. Close it to make sure it sits tight. It should now be a well-protected book.