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After Reading You Understand, Four Grand Slam, Men And Women The Same Ball?
- Dec 07, 2017 -

If this series of moves, as a ritual before the serve, it is wrong.

Of course, there is a reason!

International Tennis Federation is responsible for overseeing all official ball, ball size, quality has an effective margin of error.

Diameter: 2.57 inches to 2.70 inches (about 6.5cm to 6.9cm)

Weight: 1.975 ounces to 2.095 ounces (about 56g to 59g)

Although the gap between games is minimal, professional players are quite sensitive to these small differences.

After all, any difference in details may change the outcome of the game.

In the Grand Slam tournament, usually after the end of the seventh inning to replace the new ball, and then replaced every nine innings

A tennis ball, made of felt and liner on the surface. Let's talk in detail

For the felt, various manufacturers can choose their favorite felt material.

Before the common is the flannel material, slowly changing back to nylon - wool blend.

New materials help improve aerodynamics, adjust ball speed and elasticity. But also make the ball surface and racket full contact, resulting in additional rotation.

At the same time, a higher wool content, can increase the batting comfort, but the ball's resistance will drop!

Each season, professional players from hard to clay, to the grass, and finally back to hard ground.

Specific ball, in a particular type of venue, in fact, have a specific purpose.


Ball hard to wear in the hard court and hair loss, making the ball faster, thereby accelerating the pace of the game.

Use thicker and fluffy felt to make the ball more resistant and reduce ball speed.


When the ball is on a softer type of ground, the felt is not worn out and instead becomes more fluffy.

Therefore, the use of thinner, more compact felt, increase ball speed, to prevent "fluffing."

As for the bladder wrapped under the blanket, it is made of vulcanized rubber.

Very easy to heat.

And will cause the Japanese market under high temperature, the ball bounce higher than the night lights.

At the same time, all the tennis balls just coming down the production line must be placed for about a month and a half.

Let the liner full of rubber "maturation", in order to have a more excellent batting feel, stability!