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Advantages Of Felt
- Nov 27, 2017 -

Advantages of Felt

The Advantages of Felt

Felt is perhaps one of the most unique and versatile industrial fabrics available. Its many properties are unrivaled by any other single material.

Wool Felt is highly resilient, retaining its strength and unique properties for decades.

Wool Felt is chemical resistant.

Wool Felt is flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

Synthetic Felt and Wool Blend Felt can be treated for flame resistance.

Felt is wear resistant.

Felt cuts with a clean edge.

Felt does not ravel or fray.

Felt can be cut to any size, shape or thickness with no need to finish edges.

Felt can be hard enough to turn on a lathe or soft enough to be sewn.

Felt can be exposed to the elements.

Felt maintains its physical properties as it wears, making it an excellent choice for polishing.

Felt is incredibly resilient, able to be compressed and released thousands of times without deformity.

Felt is an excellent sound insulator.

Felt has superb vibration damping qualities.

Felt has superior thermal insulating properties.

Felt has extraordinary wicking capabilities delivering consistent fluid flow without deterioration.

Felt can be highly absorbent, and can retain many times its weight in fluids.

Felt can be made water repellant.

Wool felt is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource.

Felt can be just about anything you need it to be Let our experts help you find the felt that's right for your project.