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What is the difference between imported wool felt and homemade wool felt?
- Jun 28, 2017 -

The difference between imported wool felt and homemade wool felt

   imported felt fabric is made of high-density polyester cotton fabric after dipping. It has high strength, low ductility, tensile and abrasion resistance, and has a certain toughness. The domestic production base is borrowed from the felt belt belt base cloth, although it has a certain strength, but the bottom cloth belt poor toughness, large turning radius, and the steel roller adhesion is poor, after a period of time, the end of the back cloth is easy belt friction intermittently into the mirror surface is smooth, the more with steel roller adhesion and slipping phenomenon will we often say, thus affecting the normal use.



the felt used in China made felt has some difference with imported felt in thickness, smoothness, density, evenness, tensile and abrasion resistance.