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Felt manufacturers teach you to distinguish between wool felt and chemical fiber blended felt
- Dec 14, 2017 -

First of all, from the outside, we can distinguish the inferiority through the wool color of the wool felt. If the difference between the color and the wool is relatively large, it is estimated that the quality of the wool felt will not be very good. Second, you can also touch by hand to see how the quality of wool, and then judge. In general, wool felt color will be darker, animal luster, and each hair coarse and fine, not exactly the same, if it is chemical fiber felt, the coat color will be more beautiful and neatly arranged, you can design a variety of Pattern. In addition to the above methods, we can also extract a little hair, through the fire to stabilize the smell, the general wool is

Protein composition, burned there will be a special burning smell, can be found by comparing the true and false wool. Sheep from the sheep called the industry called sheep wool, sheep wool even very fine, we also call it professional wool, not called cashmere, of course, can also be called fine wool. Only cashmere from goats is cashmere, cashmere and cashmere. Cashmere is grown in the goat outer cortex, covering the goat coarse roots of a thin layer of thin cashmere, winter grows cold to resist the cold, warm spring off after the fall, natural adaptation to climate, are rare animal fibers. 1. Wool scales arranged thicker than cashmere, and its cashmere than cashmere. Cashmere fiber appearance of small and smooth scales,

The middle of the fiber has an air layer, so its weight is light and the hand feel is slippery. 2. The curl of wool is smaller than the curl of cashmere. The number of curl, the curl and the curl of cashmere fiber are both large, which is suitable for the processing of plump and soft , Good elasticity knitwear, comfortable and natural to wear, but also has good reduction characteristics, especially after washing does not shrink, good shape retention and so on. Due to the natural curly cashmere high, arranged closely in the spinning and weaving, good cohesion, so warm and good, 1.5 times the wool ~ 2