folding felt bedside caddy bed organizer

folding felt bedside caddy bed organizer

China Supplier Multi function bed and sofa organizer Eco friendly folding felt bedside caddy bed organizer

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 folding felt bedside caddy bed organizer upplier


 What is the features of our felt bedside caddy?

  • Made from polyester felt. It is enviromental safe and odourless free.

  • With its large capacity, it is able to hold huge quantity of items.

  • Fashionable design and pleasant outlook. Can be used within the store room, study room,

  • to store clothings, toys and books etc. Allows you to organize and have mess-free home.

  • Useful, durable and practical. Easy to store in limited places, will not deform

  • To ensure your stored items are in good condition, do place the basket in a dry cool place.







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